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Comprehensive Feature Set

Ongoing Page Optimization

It’s a competitive environment out there. Based on Internet Live Stats there was a total of 1.7 billion publicly indexed sites globally. How we stand out from the rest is that we will continually help optimize your pages each and every month so they score, and show, higher in those search results.

Social Media Appearance

When your visitors go to share your amazing content, let’s make sure that the link that loads on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. appears as clean and professional as your site does. We can set up a global link appearance or make it unique to each page or post.


When a page or post name is changed, moved, or deleted, that specific link could be saved by someone. When they try to access it later, it will show a 404 error, meaning it doesn’t exist at that link anymore. To prevent visitor frustration, we monitor those 404 links and will help set up redirections so they can always find your useful content.

404 Not Found

Nothing is more agitating than finding a useful link to information that you’re wanting, clicking on the link, and then seeing a 404 page. We combat this frustration by monitoring all clicks, links, and paths in the site and logging any 404 errors discovered. Once we find any, we’ll set up a redirection policy to prevent more 404 errors.

Home-Grown Local

Let’s make it easier for your business to appear in those search results. We help optimize it not only for the global stage but for your local search market as well. We use the industry’s best practices to help get your site optimized to show up with your competition whenever someone searches ‘…. near me’.

Shopping galore

Now everyone focuses on getting traffic to their home page right? Well, why not page all of the pages, post, and now products work just as hard to get those visitors? We thought so too, so that’s why we now support optimizing products as well that way the whole site works harder for you.

Search Engine Optimization Partners

While we focus on the backend configuration of the site’s search engine optimization, a total WordPress SEO strategy is going to be the best way to get your business visible on Google and other search engines. Below are agencies that we work with that can help you achieve that.

Make sure to tell them Cascadia Web Services sent you!

Business Name

Royle Media

Office Location

Portland, Oregon, USA

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We do have volume discounts for agency partners. Please contact us for more information.

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