WordPress Security

Comprehensive Feature Set

Bug Be Gone

We use a totally encompassing suite of scanners that go through every file, picture, and piece of code to ensure any known malicious items are discovered. Then we’re notified to go in and clean up the detection so that way if it’s embedded deeply, it doesn’t break the site. Our WordPress security options help ensure your site is safe to it’s visitors.

Audit Logging

If someone hacks the site or if a disgruntled employee goes rogue on the site, we will have every action logged. This helps ensure that anything and everything that is done to the site tracked and reversible. You continue to work hard to get your site where it is today, let’s not let one person ruin that.

Two-Factor Authentication

There are some pretty advanced hacking out there and new vulnerabilities are discovered every day. We help protect your site against all of those by enabling a rotating code that only you, not us, have access to. This code changes every 30 seconds and is available on-demand when you need to log in.

Clean up, Aisle 7

You may have the best protection, all of the security measures, and super strong passwords, but eventually, your site will be compromised at some point. We will be ready when that happens to mop up all the malware and junk. Plus once that’s done, we’ll work with you to implement new measures to prevent that from happening again.


We do have volume discounts for agency partners. Please contact us for more information.

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