WordPress Performance

Comprehensive Feature Set

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Each of the sites that we set up under WordPress performance we enable a content delivery network. What this means is that we have the server that the site is living on generate cached versions of the pages then upload it to a server network. That network then shows that to visitors around the world without putting any extra stress on your server.

Scoring From The Leader

Part of the total performance package we do on your website is determine a score directly from Google themself. By using their PageSpeed Insights API we make changes and provide recommendations on how to optimize your site directly from the search engine giant themself. Now you can know exactly what Google thinks of your site and how to make it better.

Compression = Faster

The goal of every website is to load as quick as possible since each website visitor is in a rush to find information. Sites that have a ton of images, videos, or a custom developed layout can cause load times to increase. We use a suite of different algorithms that go through and compress any whitespace, combine files for quicker processing, and remove bloat from media.

Grade A Student

While it’s nice that all of these features are offered, it’s only effective as it’s implementation. That’s why we go to the next step and ensure that your score directly from Google’s PageSpeed Insights is at least 90% or higher. We keep an eye on the site so that way the score doesn’t fluctuate and cause any surprises.

…plus much more!

How We Stack Up To The Competition

Evaluation table data is based on starter plans located on the public pricing page linked to each company’s name.

Automatic Page Caching?✅ / ✅ / ❌
Content Delivery Network?✅ / ❌ / ❌
Image, File, CSS, and JS Compression?❌ / ❌ / ❌
Page Score Guarantee?❌ / ❌ / ❌
Site and Page Score Evaluation?✅ / ❌ / ❌


Automated WordPress Performance


– CDN | Site Files Only
– Performance Report Card | Monthly
– Image Optimization | Included
– File Compression | Not Included
– CSS Optimization | Not Included
– Javascript Optimization | Not Included
– 90% Score Guarantee | Included
– Site Score Evaluation | Desktop Only
– Page Score Evaluation | Home Page Only

White-Glove WordPress Performance


– CDN | Site Files & Media
– Performance Report Card | Weekly
– Image Optimization | Included
– File Compression | Included
– CSS Optimization | Included
– Javascript Optimization | Included
– 90% Score Guarantee | Included
– Site Score Evaluation | Desktop & Mobile
– Page Score Evaluation | Up to 3 Different Pages

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