WordPress Migration: Which One Should I Use?

That's a great question! We have often wondered the same, which plugin is actually a solid option for WordPress migrations. Over the years using a variety of different options out there we have come rely on a stable, flexible, and reliable plugin: All In One Migration

With the variety of services that we offer here at Cascadia, we often are migrating sites to development servers to troubleshoot, deploying a new plugin, configuring a new theme, or setting up a more powerful server. We migrate dozens of sites at a time and this can become quite a time-consuming process and headache prone without a good tool that can handle complex sites and eCommerce setups.

One tool that we have found that:

  • works flawlessly each time,
  • is compatible with every hosting environment we've encountered to date,
  • and comprehensively grabs everything in the database

is All In One Migration.

At the time this article was written has an impressive 4.7-star rating on WordPress.org (6,128 votes). With over 2,000,000 million active installations, which says something for a plugin that only needs to be active temporarily, users (including us) love this plugin.

Okay, That's Great and All, But What's The Cost?

It's free. Yes, yes we know, but what's the limit right? The only caveat that could require you to purchase an add-on is the upload cap. Though we're getting ahead of ourselves, we haven't even exported the site yet. When exporting, you have the free option of downloading the file. It's as simple as:

  1. Install/Activate Plugin
  2. Click Export in Backend Menu
  3. Click Export To, Choose File
  4. Wait for Download Now Button

While we are a little biased, we have an extremely fast internet connection and can migrate several GB sites in a matter of seconds, we use Export to File 100% of the time. If you do not have the fastest internet connection or don't want to store the website migration file locally there are 15 different (yes, paid) options to choose from for easy export. Dropbox, Google Drive, Backblaze B2, Digital Ocean, and S3 Compatible Storage are just some of the options that can be purchased.

Now that we have our exported data file ready for import, we simply install/activate All In One Migration, then go to Import, and choose which service to import from. Again, we have a quick internet connection and can easily upload large site files quickly, so we didn't purchase any of the external storage providers. We did purchase the Unlimited Extension though. There is a cap of 64 MB when you upload/import a file no matter which service you use or import it locally.

This Sure Seems More Manual Than Other WordPress Migration Plugins?

Yes, we agree with you there. It seems to be more manual. Though if you take into consideration:

  • Huge upload folder directories and
  • Database SQL dumps

There are a lot of potential hiccups that can go wrong to cause a site migration to stall, fail, and probably corrupt everything so you'll have to restart all over. While there are other plugins out there that offer to migrate the site remotely for you, in our experience we've found those plugins to fail more than 70% of the time when it comes to importing the database. (Kinda the most important part...)

We have seen zero failures when using All In One Migration.

So while you might have to click a couple of extra buttons, we find it worth the peace of mind that when a migration is being handled by All In One Migration. With hundreds of migrations to date, this plugin has saved us countless hours in troubleshooting and setup time as it works perfectly each time.

The largest site we've migrated to date by size is 17.8 GB, with no failures on the first try. The largest database we've migrated to date is 5 GB with millions of records, with no failures on the first try. We tried using other popular WordPress migration plugins, which failed to meet performance goals when importing site data that was over 2 GB in combined size.

Joshua, CEO of Cascadia Web Services

The Verdict: GET IT

We think this is a perfect plugin that has a couple of extra clicks and an extremely affordable price tag if you work with larger sites. We highly recommend All In One Migration and give it a 5-star rating!

So What's Your Sales Pitch?

Well first, thank you for taking the time to read this post! The only sales pitch we will make here is that if you choose to partner with Cascadia for your WordPress Hosting, we migrate every site of any size for free.

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