WordPress Maintenance

Comprehensive Feature Set

Cloud Backups

For every WordPress maintenance plan, we set up we connect the website to our cloud storage. In doing so we are able to provide longer retention with zero limitations on how big the site is. If something breaks the site, with one click we can restore the site back to operation with little to no lost work. Now that’s peace of mind.

No More Update Headaches

To put our best keystroke forward, we will handle every plugin, theme, and WordPress core update that the site requires to continue functioning. To help ensure each plugin is on it’s best behavior, we delay the actual update by 48 hours to ensure it’s ready for production. You shouldn’t have to pay the price for a developer’s mistake.

Visually Verified

No matter what your website does, each visitor is an important member of your success. We ensure your site always looks it’s best by visually verifying each update with actual human eyes, not algorithms. Oh, we do this on a staging server too, that if something doesn’t look right, we can fix it before it’s in production.

Databases Need Attention Too

The single most critical piece of any WordPress website is the database. This is where all of your content, blog posts, products, pictures, videos, sales, and other important data lives. If the database isn’t properly maintained, it can bloat, crash, and otherwise make the site behave erratically. To prevent this, we optimize and clean it for you automatically.

Uptime Verified

We employ several monitors to ensure that the server and the website are always online at all times. If something hiccups or a process goes rogue, we are notified automatically and have our support team deployed to work on resolving the issue no matter what time it is. No more having to lose valuable sleep and stress over client’s websites, we have you covered.


While this all sounds great, it’s hard to comprehend all of the WordPress maintenance items that are being done on the site without seeing some kind of visual representation of what was completed. That’s why we build a nice and neat report for you to review. Each and every change is displayed in an easy to read format so you know exactly what’s being done to the site.

Service Plans

White Package

– Site Backups Every 24 Hours –
– 6 Month Backup Retention –
– Weekly Plugin Updates –
– Weekly Theme Updates –
– Weekly WordPress Core Updates –
– Monthly Database Optimization –
– Monthly Database Cleanup –
– Uptime Monitoring –
– Monthly PDF Reporting –

Black Package

– Site Backups Every 12 Hours –
– 12 Month Backup Retention –
– Daily Plugin Updates –
– Daily Theme Updates –
– Daily WordPress Core Updates –
– Weekly Database Optimization –
– Weekly Database Cleanup –
– Uptime Monitoring –
– Weekly PDF Reporting –



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