WordPress Hosting

Comprehensive Feature Set

Dedicated WordPress Hosting

We try a few different tactics to help see your WordPress site be successful here. Traditionally you have to make your website fit within a hosting plan with some hefty restrictions. We don’t like that method, so we custom build our servers to fit your site and that server is unique to just you.

Dedicated File & Media Storage

With other hosting providers you’re given a set storage amount or ‘unlimited’ meaning they’re counting the files. We tried a different practice here and provide two storage options: one for just the files that make up the site and another amount just for pictures, videos, and other media.

Unparalleled Performance

Each WordPress site that we set up hosting for has no bandwidth limitations, meaning that if your site gets a lot of visitors (kind of the goal) we don’t penalize you for it. Plus as another added bonus, we make sure each server has a one-gigabit, fiber optic connection for the fastest experience possible.

Multisite Supported

Unlike other hosting providers, by default, all of our plans support WordPress Multisite. No matter how big your network is, what the purpose it serves, we are happy to build out the infrastructure needed to see it achieve everything you want and then some. Your success is our success.

Security Built-In

To help make the internet a safer place for everyone to enjoy, we offer all sites on our hosting plans a free SSL certificate. This encrypts what your visitors are doing on the site between their computer and the server. Also, another way to thwart the bad guys is by configuring a DDoS firewall to keep the server safe.

Total Server Care

We don’t pass the buck to have you maintain an enterprise-grade piece of machinery. Unlike other hosting providers, we put the responsibility on our shoulders. We’ll take care of patching, security, and all of the other maintenance-related items on the server so you don’t have to lift a finger.


We do offer additional options for sites that are a bit more complex! Please contact us for more information.

What Are You Waiting For?

Feel free to call us, shoot over an email, send us a chat message, or visit our Contact page so we can get started!

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