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Updates Galore

With all websites, there is the constant need to update plugins, themes, and WordPress itself. We do that completely, 100% risk-free. Something breaks during an update? No sweat, our system will detect and restore the backup taken mere moments before.


Every web host offers backups. (If they don't, run.) We do backups a little differently than everyone else. Ours have near-zero impact on the server, this means when a backup is running, the site's speed isn't compromised.

Database Bloat

At the heart of a WordPress website is the database. This can be often overlooked, so we try and give it some TLC. We'll clean up the bloat: spam comments, excess revisions, abandoned/orphaned data, and much more to help keep those tables and entries in tip-top shape!

Link Health

As a site grows, changes developers, and more content is created sometimes links get broken. No one likes broken links. We'll make sure each and every. single. link. is checked and working.

Performance Monitor

Want to see how the site is stacking up against Google's recommended best practices? We'll do regular comparisons, letter grade, and share what needs to improve to get the perfect score!

Uptime Verification

Sometimes sites go down. Sometimes sites don't come back. Our uptime monitor will describe what caused the outage and send  notifications immediately when there's an issue.

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