All-In-One Email Success Suite

Domain Management, Email Hosting, and Email Marketing combined into a powerful business solution.
Branded Domain Just For You
We'll do the research and locate the perfect domain for your business, purchase it, maintain the DNS, and cover everything else that comes up with a domain purchase, completely complementary.
Powerful, Fast, Reliable Email Hosting
Combining our unparalleled email hosting services with the perfect domain we'll ensure that your business is always available for when your clients need you. Plus we're available for any tech support request, completely complementary.
Increase Sales with Email Marketing
Our custom-built automated email marketing platform empowers you to reach potential customers, remind past clients, and assure current patrons that you have products/services for sale. Our expertise will ensure maximum inbox delivery.
Up to 2 free
Up to $125.00 per domain
Number OF
Up to 10 accounts
Up to 1,000,000 emails per month
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Domain Management

Establishing your brand on the web.
Number 1 Priority: Privacy
When a domain is purchased your name, company name, address, phone number, and email address are put out into a public directory for scammers and telemarketers to find. We encrypt and hide that information, complementary.
Near Instant DNS Changes
When setting up an email provider, often it's required to prove you own the domain by adding a record to show that. Most registrars will show that change after several hours. We show that change within seconds.
Traffic Protection
Whether you have one website or dozens of sites setup under subdomains, we protect, verify, and ensure all the visitors are legit. Any malicious attempts to take down the website(s) will be detected and blocked automatically.
.com, .net, .org, .edu, .io, and hundreds more
Yes, hackers have met their match
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Email Hosting

Generous storage levels, infinite retention, and GDPR compliant data security.
All the Storage You’ll Ever Need
Tired of getting notices that your mailbox is full? We are too. So that’s why every account with Cascadia receives unlimited storage. Yes, you read that right, unlimited storage. No matter if you use 2 GB, 20 GB, 200 GB, or 2 TB of storage.
Retain Everything Forever
Whether you need the emails for compliance, business, or personal needs we have you covered. Our advanced retention system will be configured to store every email you receive and send, whether you delete it or not, forever.
Painless Migration
We’ll handle the entire migration from your previous email platform, no matter who they are, and migrate every single email over to our cloud-based platform. We’ll coordinate a switchover date and time to make it the smoothest transition you’ve ever experienced.
Account Storage
Unlimited, forever recoverable
Custom Domains
Multiple URLs support -,, etc
Unlimited, completely complementary
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Email Marketing

Ensuring that each and every email arrives in the recipient's inbox, not spam/junk.
Integromat Integration
Our marketing platform is integrated with Integromat allowing thousands of different combinations of automation, triggers, and updates to help your business run that much more smoothly. We'll handle all the technical aspects completely complementary.
Brand-able Sub-Accounts
Each and every setup of email marketing here with us has the ability, at any time, to resell the email marketing service at whatever cost you'd like. For as many accounts as you would like. Sky's the limit!
Autoresponders, Drip Campaigns, and More!
Configure as many different automated email marketing campaigns as your business, or your client's business, needs. These setups can ensure consistent brand exposure and customer engagement on a recurring schedule.
Comprehensive details of opens, clicks, bounces, etc
Supports list segmentation for enhance sales tactics
Supported to track specific details
Different domains for consistent brand appearance
Quick email list cleanup tools
Compliance supported
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