Peace-Of-Mind, Comprehensive
WordPress Website Management.

Lighting Fast
Nearly every website that we maintain has seen their load times cut 50% or more! We help get your services and products to clients, faster and reliably.
Limits? What's that?
New employees? Website rebuilt? We are here with our total encompassing solution that handles the mundane and protects from the unexpected.
Explosive Growth: Our Speciality
We are here at your service with nearly instantaneous scalable options that can meet your businesses growth. Sky’s the limit, though why stop there?

WordPress Website Management

We’ll keep everything running smoothly and fix anything that comes up in the meantime!

WordPress Maintenance

Updates? Done.
Site Ranking? Let’s get to page 1!
Backups? Got ’em.


– Hourly Backups (90 Days) –
– Automatic Plugin Updates –
– Automatic Theme Updates –
– Automatic Core WordPress Updates –
– Comment Spam Protection –
– Uptime Monitoring –
– Comprehensive Monthly Reporting –

WordPress Security

Hackers? DENIED.
Vulnerabilities? Patched.
Spam? Blocked.


– DDoS Firewall –
– In-Depth File Scanning –
– Website Blacklist Monitoring –
– Audit Logging for all Activities –
– Hacking Prevention –
– Traffic Monitoring –
– Comprehensive Monthly Reporting –

WordPress Hosting

SSL Certificates? It’s Free.
Domain Names? That’s free too.
DDoS Firewall? Yep, free.


– Free Managed WordPress Maintenance –
– Free Managed WordPress Security –
– Free Domain Registration –
– Free Domain Renewals –
– Free SSL Certificates –
– Unlimited Bandwidth –
– Google Analytics Integration –

Here's a Little Tid Bit About Us...

Here at Cascadia we do WordPress differently. How you might ask? Great question! Instead of just developing or instead of just updating, we go above and beyond for each client. Learning how they operate, what the goals are, and then implementing a variety of solutions to get the business where it needs to be.

We believe there are no two clients that are alike, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution.
We make our packages flexible for growth, but consistent for the wallet.
Clear, concise, and mutual respect in communication is incredibly important to us.
While we are local to Central Oregon, we service locations all over the US!

Cascadia Web Services is a managed WordPress website solution provider. We offer website maintenance (backups, updates, performance monitoring, etc.), website security (DDoS protection, active hacker protection, etc.), website hosting (fast and reliable plus packed with free goodies) for WordPress websites of any size.

  • Managed WordPress Maintenance for any site on any host.
  • Managed WordPress Security for any site on any host.
  • Managed WordPress Hosting for any site on our servers.

Think of us as your in-house developer, designer, updater, backup-er, performance monitor, and overall technical genius that is here at your service.

  • Need to implement a new application?
    • We can handle the complicated APIs.
  • Don’t like a color on a page?
    • We’ll update it!

Besides our stellar performance, super happy clients, and impressive collection of dad jokes we take your requests seriously. Anywhere from installing a program to remotely printing to an office across town, from updating content on a page to integrating a service to sync inventory levels.

We are here at your service. Period.

Client Testimonials

“…would recommend to anyone looking for help with website. Thank you again!”

Manny T.
Business Owner

“…not only extremely responsive, knowledgeable, and professional, but is also able to communicate sometimes difficult to understand terminology and concepts in a way that is easily understood…”

Self Improvement Organization

“Thank you [Cascadia] for always being there for me [and] even at 2:30 AM when I’m frustrated [and] need your help ASAP. You have helped my real estate business grow extremely…”

Local Real Estate Professional

“So nice to work with. Very helpful [and] explained everything so I could understand.”

Elizabeth D.
Business Owner

Well What Are You Waiting For?

Okay phew, that’s our whole speech about how awesome we are, without you know, coming across self-absorbed. We seriously are just here to help. No matter what the question is. ‘The only stupid question is the one that isn’t asked.’

We’d love to partner together on your project to make sure it’s the most epic one to date. Feel free to fill out the form to the right to send us a quick message or any of the options below. We are here at your service.