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What We Take Care Of

Managed WordPress

Imagine... Never having to update a plugin ever again. Not having to check the visual comparision screenshots for dozens of sites. Plus best of all, we inspect, compare, and validate each update ourselves. With real human eyes.

Managed WordPress

Nothing bums out a weekend barbeque more than a call about how a site has been hacked. The headache of cleaning that up and then configuring the security all over again. We address all of those points and more, for free, proactively and daily.

Managed WordPress

So you're watching the spinning circle of doom waiting for Go Father's web service to finally load the site, so you can make one small tweak. Your time is more valuable than that. We host one site to one server. That's it. 1:1 ratio, never shared. Ever.

24/7, 365 Days a Year

Hackers don't respect national holidays and when clients are panicking about some email that the site sent about a spammed comment, you just keep getting your beauty rest. We'll address all their concerns. No questions asked. Well maybe a couple, for clarification.

So You Don't Have To

Dozens of Companies Choose Cascadia,
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Monitored Uptime

The last thing that anyone wants to worry about is making sure a website is online. We proactively keep an eye on everything for you. Whenever we detect something isn't right, we're already working on resolving and restoring access. 

Robust Performance

No matter what kind of business you run, if you have an online store, , or streaming your cat playing the piano the website needs to load stupid fast. We're stupid good at what we do and see load times cut by 50% or more when we start tinkering.

Real People

Nothing is worst than submitting a ticket and getting one of those annoying autoresponders that says they'll get back to you by New Years. We receive hundreds of tickets in a week and on average we respond and resolve the majority same day.

(Hint: We're actually there when you need us.)

Managed WordPress Maintenance: Highlights

Updates Visually Verified

We actually review each plugin update, compare before and after screenshots, and verify the site is functioning normally. All done by a human.

Backups That Have Your Back

Our off server backups ensure that if a data loss even occurs, the site becomes compromised, or the undo button isn't working we can get it back to the way it needs to be, in a timely manner.

Proactive Monitoring

If any updates cause a break, we're automatically notified and start working on a fix immediatley. No need to keep an eye on the site, we're already doing that for you.

Reports You'll Enjoy Reading

With all of your new-found spare time, the reports that we can send over will show everything that we taking care of. No more surprises or red marks.

Managed WordPress Security: Highlights

Bug-Be-Gone Protection

Hackers will attempt to infect your site with bugs, viruses, malware, and all the other nasty stuff to make life difficult. Our firewalls, monitoring, and near immediate staff response prevents it.

Extinguishing Fires

With our advanced monitors, scanners, and detection systems we will always do our best to stay one step ahead. Just in case if that isn't enough, our rapid repsonse clean up team is on stand by to keep your site squeaky clean.

The Walled Garden

We don't just put up one firewall, but actually several. Many nets catch many fish right? Well we want to catch those malicious fishies. Our nets are nearly all-encompassing, but won't impact legit vistior experiences.

Active Hardening Protection

To show how much we care about your site we actively use industry best practices to harden the site's core setup and configuration. Translation: We don't set it and forget, we keep working on it.

Managed WordPress Hosting: Highlights

Dedicated To You

Shared setups are beyond frustrating. Why pay the penalties of other's misconfigured sites taking up all the resources? We only setup one website to one server. Always. No exceptions.

Scalability Flexibility

If there is a sales cycle that causes traffic to spike during a specific period of the year, we got you. We can, near instantly, scale your server's resources to accommodate that and then scale them back. Is that your wallet smiling...?

Easy FTP Access

Sometimes access to the site files are needed, but that can be stressful. Don't sweat it. We'll setup the account and send over all the configuration info. Then when they're done, we'll close up the account and everything is back to normal.

Happy Server, Happy Life

Outside of the website, the server need patching and maintenance too. We don't pass the buck, we take care of all that too. Just another item off the checklist for you!

Anytime You Need It Support: Highlights

Yes, We're Open

No more late nights reading Google results on how to fix the white screen of death the night before a deadline. We are here to help give you a break for some coffee.

Even Holidays

While banks might stop for a holiday, your website doesn't. We are here to help no matter what day or time. That's truly 24/7 support.

Timely Responses

Nothing is worst than submitting a request and hearing back a week later. You need the help and you need it now. That's why you'll hear from us in 8 hours or less. (Typically a lot sooner than that.)

Consider It Done

99% of our client's requests are less than 30 minutes of work. Everything outside of that might need a little more TLC and would fall out of normal scope of support, but rest assured we'll get it taken care of one way or another.

What Really Matters: Price

Included Features


Our specialized cloud, off-server backup system helps protect your site from anything and everything that potentially could happen to it. We backup the data in real-time. What does that mean: Every single database action is backed up instantly. Not hourly backups, because those aren't real-time, we mean actual backups that grab data within seconds of a page update, picture upload, product purchase, etc. Plus just because, we'll keep track of all that for a year. Yep, a year's worth of retention at your disposal.


So we'll update the site. All of it. Like the plugins, the theme, and the core WordPress files. The best part is that we inspect the site before and after each update to ensure that the site's best foot is always forward. Plus combined with real-time backups, we can just go back to mere seconds before the updates happened if any issues are detected.

Performance Check

Know how your site stacks up to Google's standards! Using PageSpeed and YSlow, we will generate a report for you to easily read and access. Within that report, if there is any room for improvement, we have unlimited support options to help get it, and keep it, up to snuff.

and much, much more.

$30.00 per month

per website, per month

Included Features

Antivirus & Malware Scans

Our threat detection systems will scan every folder, image, and file to make sure that it's legit. If it finds anything, it will isolate and mark it for review to have our support team investigate what's going on. If your site becomes compromised in an attack, we will fix it for you, for free!

Super Firewalls

The first line of defense for a website is a firewall. We not only employ two firewalls one being powered by CloudFlare, which keeps the big, nasty attacks at bay (like DDoS attacks). The second is a local on the site itself to monitor and keep an eye out for suspicious behavior happening on the site itself. Double protection and visitors won't even know they're there unless they start doing something malicious.

and much, much more.

$40.00 per month

per website, per month

Included Features

Dedicated Server

The server is custom built just for your site. We don't put anything else on there, we don't share resources, we don't have a massively powerful server and then carve out space. We built each and every server unique and powerful enough for your site to grow and handle whatever is thrown at it.

Free SSL Certificate

We want to help make the web safer, so each and every site that we operate gets their own certificate to encrypt the traffic between the visitor and the server. This helps prevent nosy hackers from eavesdropping on what you're doing and keeping any orders and payment information private.

Free Domain Registration & Renewal

Just because, we will cover 100% of the costs for your domain and to renew it each year. Absolutely no cost to you. You still own it, we just pay for it.

and much, much more.

Starting at $50.00 per month.

per website, per month

24/5 Support

All Day & All Night
Holidays Excluded
12:00a Monday - 11:59p Friday

Up to 30 Mintues Working Time per Request

Unlimited Requests
Up to 2 Processed per Week

$125.00 per month

24/7, 365 Support

All Day & All Night
Holidays Included

Up to 60 Mintues Working Time per Request

Unlimited Requests
Up to 5 Processed per Week

$200.00 per month.

Hourly Support

9a - 5p Pacific Standard Time
Holidays Excluded
Monday - Friday

Unlimited Working Time per Request

Unlimited Requests
Unlimited Processed per Week

$75.00 per hour

All pricing is based on a single site. If you are an agency or manage multiple websites, we do offer volume discounts!

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